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Abra 100 Sildenafil citrate

What is this medicine?

kamagra oral jellyAbra 100 is the only TRUE cure for sexual impotence. Dysfunction must be the most humiliating and embarrassing situation that a man can ever find himself in. More men suffer from this than is widely thought, mainly because it is not the kind of thing that is spoken about, very often not even between husband and wife!
You know the scenario -
You are both becoming relaxed and cosy and the first sexual advances are made. Your mind immediately says to you " I cannot feel any reaction, maybe we should stop". Things sort of carry on anyway, and suddenly you are past the point of being able to get away with saying "Do you fancy a coffee?"
By now your partner is hot and becoming desperate, you start to panic and that is the final straw, worse than not becoming erect it actually shrinks with embarrassment. Now you are trying to think of all the excuses, the same ones you always use.
Had to much to drink, worked hard all day, stress at the office, got a headache. You know the ones.
You will know that the above could only be written by someone who has been there....
Now we have a cure and it is perfect! Abra 100 will start to work between 20 and 40 minutes, just enough time for some relaxed foreplay ( no panic setting in)
The perfect thing is that there will be no reaction until stimulated by your partner, this gives them a feeling of satisfaction! and suddenly - there it is in all it's glory! a huge erection. Think of what you could when your main concern is pleasing your partner, you will both be raised to new heights! Viagra comes in three strengths. 25, 50, and 100 grams.I would recommend the 50gr. to try first, if too strong drop down to 25gr. If not quite enough try taking two 50gr's and if that is working, order the 100gr Abra 100 . next time. Good luck..... www.abra100.men
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Facts and Side Effects

Abra 100 Sildenafil citrate works for most men irrespective of age or how long they have suffered from impotency. In clinical tests Abra 100 worked well for 82% of the test group of 3,000 men

Recommended dosage is 50mg taken an hour before the desired effect. Abra 100 should not be taken more than once a day

Abra 100 should not be taken by anyone with a history of heart problems. It should not be taken by anyone using nitro-glycerine patches, sublingual nitro-glycerine or similar products such as the comb

In the rare event of an erection lasting more than 4 hours you should seek immediate medical help

Be sure to ask your doctor or health care provider if your general health is strong enough to handle the extra strain of increased sexual activity

Abra 100 should not be taken by anyone under 21 years of age